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Well, the post I wrote a few days ago about "big changes planned for Kings Beach" turned out to be a little premature. Here's the news from the Reno Gazette-Journal:

Tahoe board kills plan to reduce highway through Kings Beach

Despite all the dissent in the meeting today between those who wanted 3-lanes and those who wanted 4-lanes, there was actually a lot of consensus:

• People agreed the current highway is dangerous and ugly
• People agreed Kings Beach needs help to revitalize its downtown
• People agreed the grid is already suffering from cut through traffic and lack of sidewalks
• People agreed that improving air and water quality is important

The fact that the plan was voted down means the much hoped for town improvements have once again been put on hold. No sidewalks. No safety improvements. No help in the neighborhoods. No action to help the downtown.

I am not a resident of Kings Beach; just a nearby resident who has fallen in love with what Kings Beach is and could become. I started this Nuestro Tahoe site because it seemed like this was a community that would benefit from a place for all residents -- Spanish speaking and English speaking -- to share their goals and hopes, and find a way to work together on issues to make this community a better place. I want to see if journalism could be a way to bring people together to work on community problems collaboratively.

It's clear the community has a big problem. What can residents do at this point to find a way to channel the incredible energy shown in these public meetings? Is there a way we can work together towards these clear goals for improving the community?

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