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¿Dónde están los problemas en el centro de Kings Beach? (Where are the problems in the Kings Beach grid now?)

El tráfico en el centro ya produce problemas. ¿Qué áreas crees que necesitan más atención? ¿Dónde se necesitan señales de tránsito? ¿Dónde están los puntos problemáticos? Publica tus fotos de los lugares que necesitan una solución o describe el problema aquí y así ayudarás a asegurar que los planificadores del tráfico entiendan el vecindario y lo qué necesita atención.

Traffic through the grid already causes problems. What areas do you think most need attention? Where do we need signs? Where are the problem spots? Upload your photos of places that need fixing, or describe the problem here, and this will help insure that traffic planners understand the neighborhood and what needs to be addressed.

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The problem now is currently the highway- walking on the shoulder or crossing. The 3-lane hybrid would make the highway much safer but opponents claim they are concerned about traffic in the back streets of Kings Beach (more likely is that they want to be able to speed through town). The fact of the matter is the traffic on the back streets would only get worse a few days a year with the 3-lane plan but improve the highway and downtown commercial core 365 days a year. Besides, there are many plans in the works to mitigate the traffic on the back streets. We need a safer, more walkable community.
Dana, When you accuse me and the other 4 lane supporters of wanting nothing more than to drive fast through downtown Kings Beach, this is a character assassination, and reminds me of dirty politics. My concerns are real and simple enough to understand. My number 1 concern is if we reduce to three lanes we will lower the capacity of the road below the volume, and therefore divert excess vehicle volume into the neighborhood. The big development projects coming to Kings Beach will only compound this issue by increasing the pedestrian activity. And we all want to see more pedestrian activity in the downtown corridor.

More vehicles on your street are dangerous to children, and certainly don't fair well for property values.

Why not go with a four lane plan that can slow vehicles, makes crossing the main street safer, and still protects the sanctity of the Kings Beach residential neighborhood?



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